Card Counting is Easy to Learn and Can be Effective While Playing Live Online BlackJack

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Card Counting is Easy to Learn and Can be Effective While Playing Live Online BlackJack

The very first thing that you must understand is that card counting will not help you to make money at a casino. Card counting is a excellent strategy to use when playing live online blackjack, or even blackjack in a brick and mortor casino. In fact, it is a method used only with with live online blackjack than with any other casino game. However, if you are going to implement card counting when playing live online blackjack, you have to take into account that while it is not illegal to count cards, it is prohibited to do so in a real casino. You must only count cards when you are not playing for real money. Now live blackjack casinos shuffle the decks frequently to nullify the advantages you get from counting cards online.

There are a few tips that you need to master in order to count cards and to make it more effective for you when playing live online blackjack. First of these tips is to practice and then practice some more by yourself first before applying it to a real casino game of live online blackjack. As our grandfathers always tell us, practice makes perfect. Once you have mastered card counting well, it is easier for you to keep score of the cards no matter how fast the cards are being dealt in front of you. It doesn’t matter how many distractions that you have in front of you while playing a hand of blackjack, it will be hard for you to actually lose count once you have tamed the blackjack card counting beast!.

Learning how to focus is the second trick you need to learn when counting your cards in a game of live online blackjack. As you know, there are so many things that can take your attention away from your game, whether you are playing from your workstation or playing at a brick and mortor casino. Despite these distractions, you have to know how to keep counting your cards no matter what distractions you may have.

You must not be too focused as to not to take into account what is happening around you, especially if you are playing at a brick and mortor casino rather than in an online casino. That would be bad because the dealer would know right away that you are counting cards. As soon as knows that, she will try her best to defunk your counting by shuffling the cards more frequently in the shoe. When she starts doing that, your card counting will stop being effective for you.

Therefore, the third trick you need to learn when counting blackjack cards is being subtle. Be aware of what is happening around you even when you are attempting to keep the count . Another thing you could do to hide the fact that you are counting cards is to keep the difference in your bets small. The betting spread refers to the pattern you make with your betting and the differences between each bet based on your odds. Of course when you are expecting the face value of the card to be low, you will wager only the minimum, and you will raise it when you are expecting a high-value card. Keep the increments of your bets low so the dealer would not suspect you at your new found card counting.

Make sure you know how to manage your bankroll when card counting in live online blackjack. It is so tempting to waste all your money away at one round when you think you know that you will win.

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