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For those of us who have tried it, we know for sure that it is fun playing at an online casino with a live dealer. For the most part, live dealers bring back the social aspect in playing casinos, something that you can find in a land-based casino but something that most online casinos did away when they replicated the experience with plain software. The experience is just like going to a Las Vegas casino and playing for real, but without dressing up and leaving your computer.

There are various reasons why people love playing a casino game with a live dealer. Most live dealers are women so, shallow as it may sound, they attract male customers and these customers certainly like them. Many just love interacting with a live dealer while they play their game.

But no matter how pretty or friendly or intelligent-sounding the dealer is, you should never ask her to help you with your game. That is a no-brainer; you do not really need to be told that. However, there are some online casino gamers who still believe that the dealer they are playing with can help them with their game, and so they ask her what to do.

The thing is, the dealer works for the house. The house is out to get your money, while your goal is to make some money out of the games the house provides. Do you think the dealer will help you do that Of course she would not. It is more likely that if she does give you some tips, those tips will actually be to the benefit of the house and not your own. The dealer is the casino’s employee; why would a dealer help her employer lose money

In addition to that, even though the dealer is trained to handle the game she is assigned to professionally and efficiently, that does not mean that she is familiar with the strategies that players use to win the game. In an online casino with live dealers, it is easy to spot a dealer who does not really know strategy. You will glean this just by the way she talks – if you listen to her talk.

So, if you want to get your game going and win some money while doing it, do not ask the dealer for help. Learn it on your own. There are so many resources on the Internet that can teach you various strategies for winning various games. Some can be had for free while some are for sale. And if you want to practice strategy, you do not have to do it with a live dealer. You can download free casino software and just play for fun.

When playing in an online casino with a live dealer, do not ask for help from a dealer on how to win your game. Do not rely on her to help you. Instead, help yourself. You are better off that way.

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